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Maryland Flag

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The Maryland flag may have one of the most interesting stories I've ever read. My super short (butchered) version is this: The gold and black coat of arms represented the original founders of Maryland and was the only one originally used. The red and white coat of arms belonged to a different Maryland family and gained popularity during the American Civil War. Many of Maryland's citizens wanted to join the confederate fight, but Maryland as a state did not do so. Many of Maryland's citizens still left to fight for the confederate and took the red and white as their Maryland flag. Those Maryland citizens on the union side kept the other, original flag. After the war, everyone came back and Maryland and the citizens needed to reconcile. This flag represents both sides all in one. So much history! And such an interesting flag.

My version of this flag is three dimensional and very dynamic because of all the different angles, shapes, etc.. It is perfect for any Maryland living room, restaurant, bar, or office. It is the perfect blend of rustic and chic.

This piece is NOT made from reclaimed wood (this piece needs to be perfectly symmetrical for it to look right) and handmade to order, each one is totally unique. Item may differ slightly from photos. It comes complete with a wooden hanger on the back for easy hanging.


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