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Cuban Flag

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Cuba! Cuba! How did this flag come about? Well it all starts with Narciso López. Who was he? A Venezuelan adventurer and soldier, best known for an expedition aimed at liberating Cuba from Spain in the 1850s. His troops carried a flag that López had designed, which later became the flag of modern Cuba.
But how did López think of this design!? It is believed that López awoke one morning, and saw colors of the dawn sky. He could see "a triangle of red clouds announcing the dawn, and in the triangle shone the morning star Venus, while two white clouds departed from the triangle to divide into three blue stripes of shining heaven". From there, the flag was designed.
Aside from this anecdotal version, an alternative story is that the flag was inspired by the U.S. flag... The three blue stripes represent the three departments in which Cuba was divided at that time; the red triangle, originating from the French Revolution – and the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity; and the star was the new state that should be added to the United States.
Whatever story you like, it's a cool flag. Cuba is such a unique and interesting place and if you have Cuban pride, you need this flag in your house/restaurant/bar.... whatever!
It's handmade from reclaimed wood. Each piece is totally unique so the item may differ slightly from photos. It is equipped with a hanger on the back so it's ready to hang on the wall. The sizes given are approximate.
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